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Henri Dou

Manager, Founder of  CI World Wide Think Tank

After a technical baccalaureate, Henri Dou continued his studies at the University of Aix Marseille in the field of Organic Chemistry, at the bachelor's level and then at the School of Petroleum and Industrial Organic Synthesis IPSOI. After a thesis carried out in the Universities of Aix Marseille and St François Xavier in Canada, he joined the CNRS and became Director of Research, occupying both a researcher position but also of “chargé de mission” with the Chemistry Department and  the General Directorate (coal plan, International Oceanography Commission, Secretary General of UNESCO's ChIN Chemical Information Network, etc.). Consultant to SDC (System Development Corporation) he joined the University as Professor of Information Science and developed the first courses in Technological Watch and Competitive Intelligence in France, Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia. He is currently Consultant, Manager of Matheo Software (a company created by former students), French expert with the Franco-Chinese Association of Economic Intelligence, the World Bank and various other international institutions. He has been an associate professor at the Open University of Malaysia (OUM), UNIMA Indonesia and recognized as Research Professor by Peking University and the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology. He is the author of various books on Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence, numerous publications and international conferences, and has supervised more than a hundred doctoral theses in the field.


Currently he is working on the development of a community of ideas and proposals within the framework of the redeployment of an Economic Intelligence oriented towards a better consideration  of the hinterland territories, prospective thinking as well as the deployment of the concept of global security and resilience.  This activity is developed both within the framework of the CIWORLDWIDE think-tank and also in different teachings and diplomas  such as the DBA Economic Intelligence provided in Africa and North Africa, the University Diploma of Economic Intelligence at the university of Corsica as well as in various partnerships. In the majority of cases, the reflections, suggestions and other ideas are expressed in the form of international publications, books or presentations in conferences and workshops.

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