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Changing Priorities for Strategic Planning

This article deals with new aspects of Competitive and Strategic Intelligence applied to territorial development. Priority is given to the epigenetic role of information in enabling institutions and people to move toward new visions and new methods of thinking. Territorial security is also examined as well as different examples and how they might be implemented. Competitive and Strategic Intelligence at the territorial level must be added to already well-known methods and tools, which are all ways to develop projects linked to the ‘commons’ and well-perceived by residents. This study also emphasizes the need to explain, demonstrate, and openly present the options for territorial development to reach the widest possible consensus. A special note has been added to the introduction, since during the writing of this paper the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has exposed details about the economic, social, and political life and challenges that the actors of Competitive and Strategic Intelligence face while seeking new approaches and a new vision of its role.

Changing Priorities for Strategic Planning from National to Territorial Levels
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