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Competitive Intelligence 2.0 - Organization, Innovation and Territory

Henri Dou - Chapitre 15 ; Regional Development 2.0

Economic intelligence, which was used for over ten years to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, can be used in a new field, opening the door to many new exchanges and collaborations. While the end of World War II brought the development of East-West blocs and the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall was the signal for a new era of global competition: globalization. We are entering a period of competition still unknown to date, where the rules of “the game” are no more stable and can change quickly. At the same time the development of information technology shortens “time and distance”. This new era increases global instability, with competition taking place between societies, states and regions. Currently, regionalization is a political way for reducing tensions and increasing the degree of personal freedom.


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