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Competitive Intelligence and Decision Problems

The development of a research, teaching, or application of competitive (economic) intelligence requires a strategic and transverse vision in regards to related issues. It is essential to integrate the role of culture when interpreting results, either from the training of a specialist or in respect to a country or region. The authors of this book, members of an expert group supported by the CNRS in France, bring all of their talents together to create a comprehensive book that does just this and more.

Henri Dou - Chapitre : Governance and short term development in clusters - An example the FIRE application.

The inclusion of SMEs in the poles of competitiveness underlines the problem of the relations which they can develop in the poles as well as the most favorable context to develop to take into account their expectations. In this presentation the requirements for the development of projects between SMEs and public laboratories or incertain cases with large companies are analyzed. The example of the development of the product “FIRE” highlights the mechanisms which must be integrated into the governance of the pole so that its effective role in the development of SME will become a reality.



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