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Information - Bits and Tips for Competitive Intelligence

Information is one of the keys of Research Development, Competitive Intelligence, Innovation, Creativeness, etc. Information provides the “bricks” which will sustain our thoughts and our critical thinking. This is also a key element to open our mind to multidisciplinarity which is crucial today. The goal of this book is to provide to the reader various ways to obtain information either from a precise question or a holistic one. The first part is devoted to the “Google world” with examples to see how its facilities can be used. We did not want to go into details, but to show that the application of simple techniques may give tremendous results. The second part deals with the clustering engines. These engines provide the way to have a global view of a subject and to guide the user to potential information sources. Several examples are provided with references for the users willing to deepen this subject. This book can be used in almost all the domains of science, technology, medicine, etc. by students, researchers and specialists. Its goal is to facilitate to all types of users robust and simple techniques in information retrieval.


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