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Managing Strategic Intelligence - Techniques and Technologies

Managing Strategic Intelligence Deals with managing strategic information for senior managers. This work focuses on environment information scanning and organization-wide support for strategic intelligence.

Henri Dou and Jean-Marie Dou jr - Chapitre: Bibliometry technique and software for patent intelligence mining.

The amount of technical and scientific information is growing exponentially in the information and knowledge age. The very rapid growth of the information available has been seen in almost all the fields of business, science and technology. For instance the Biological Abstracts increase approximately of 350,000 references of original research annually; CA Search (Chemical Abstracts) references for 20,414,117 of original research for the period of 1967 to 2006; the Economist issued 79,274 original articles from 2002 to March 2006 (Dialog, 2006). There is also an exponential increase of scientific information available from the (Brander 2006). How can we effectively identify the trends of technology innovation and scientific research and disseminate the work of the experts, e.g. various technical and science information becomes a challenge. The increasing power of micro-computers Moore law (Moore,1965) and software in data mining provide the facilities to make automatic information analysis, eg. Bibliometry Analysis, (Rostaing1996) possible. The analysis is also known as text mining, idea mining, knowledge recovery, information mapping. Many software tools for such analyses have been developed and have the functionality to provide users with the best possible picture of large amount of information in various formats, eg. lists, matrix, maps, networks. The aim of this chapter is to provide an insight on the techniques of using bibliometrics software to mine intelligence from both formatted and unformatted data sources. The examples used will be patent information analysis based on formatted bibliographic patent data source, which is available in the public domain, commercial database references analysis, Internet data analysis. This chapter demonstrates how bibliometry information can add value to the intelligence process. It also provides to the readers an overview of the bibliometry software, as well as the treatments and the results, which would be useful to Competitive Intelligence practitioners.



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