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Proceedings on International Forum on Technological Innovation and CTI.

Henri Dou - Communication : Competitive Technical Intelligence. Methods and tools, application to innovation, SMEs, poles of competitiveness, research institutions and large companies.

In the develop countries and especially in the United States and in Northern Europe, as far as in 1980 began the development of what is called today the Competitive Intelligence. The basic concept of Competitive Intelligence being to master and understand the information necessary to provide the best possible decision for the development of a company. Many definitions of Competitive Intelligence have been provided by different authors. But, these definitions if they are still accurate today are far more restrictive in the context of the globalization. New definitions such as the definition given by Alain Juillet emphasize the National or Regional development. In the same time report such as the Carrayon’s report in France about Competitive Intelligence was named : Economic Intelligence and national cohesion. This underlines a move from Companies to National Development. The concept of Competitive Intelligence is changing. The impact of the globalization on the National and Regional development became so strong that many countries develop various national programs of Competitive Intelligence to provide the necessary background which will enable and comfort the condition of a better development.



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