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Progress in Competitive Intelligence (2010)

Henri Dou - Communication : New developments in Competitive Intelligence and Poles of competitiveness.

ITICTI Beijing new devept in CI _2010
Télécharger PD • 352KB

Two years ago I had the honor to be invited to this conference to give a contribution to the state of Competitive Intelligence mainly in France (I took some examples from other countries also to underline some critical points). In this paper I mainly presented the definition of competitive Intelligence, the Critical Factors of Success (CFS), the mechanism of Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI), the schema of a Competitive Technical Intelligence unit as well as the one of the Intelligence cycle, the extension of Competitive Technical Intelligence to SMEs, the basic views on innovation, the definition of the poles of competitiveness, some of the tools used in Competitive Technical Intelligence , the beginning of the introduction of Competitive Technical Intelligence in research laboratories , the human network, the virtual clusters(lattes) and the case of the development of Competitive technical Intelligence in a large company.



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